January 29th Meeting

Tonight's meeting concluded our discussion of synopses and the need to keep them short and have them prepared for the February 20th deadline for the PNWA literary contest. We discussed self publishing pros and cons. The suggestion was to bring the first 25 pages of our novels and take them home to provide a formal critique.


Writing Library

I'd like to put together a list of books on writing that we could access from each other. I'll keep track of them on this blog, over there on the right hand side. Take a look. Feel free to email me with your list.

Assignment for Meeting: 1/29/07

Complete a synopsis for your novel or novel in progress, using the mythic story structure prompts below.

Meeting Notes: Slow on the Updates

Hey y'all! It seems we've been on the same topic for three weeks in a row. That's right, it's our foe, the synopsis. Me and Megan had a tete-a-tete with New York Times Bestselling Author, Bob Dugoni–he's had his name legally changed to include the first five words. Actually, it was just a tete, as neither Megan, nor myself, did any teting, except to make fun of New York Times Bestselling Author, Bob Dugoni. His advice on synopsis? Keep it short (1-2 pages), third person/present tense, and sweet Jesus, make sure to show the editor/agent that you understand story structure. If we follow NYTBA Bob Dugoni's 17 step plan, we'll have a finished synopsis. Just…

Write a single sentence for each question.

1. What is your character’s Ordinary World (comfort zone)?
2. Describe the character’s Call to Adventure (the event that moves the story)?
3. Does your character struggle with a Refusal the Call?
4. Who is your character’s mentor (Supernatural Aid)? Is there someone who provides lessons?
5. Describe your hero Crossing the First Threshhold (new zone of experience)?
a. Is this experience more of a Rebirth?
b. Does your hero undergo an Initiation?
6. Describe the hero’s Road of Trials?
a. Is there a Marriage (the ultimate trial)?
7. Is there a seduction (Woman as Temptress)?
8. Describe the hero’s Atonement with the Father figure (coming to terms with tyrannical/merciful aspects so to understand the father better, and likewise the self)?
9. Describe the hero’s Apotheosis (disintegration of ego/breakthrough).
10. (The Ultimate Boon) Describe the hero’s readiness to obtain that for which he/she has set out, an item or new awareness, that once returned, will benefit the society he/she has left.
11. Describe the hero’s Return.
12. Is there a Refusal of the Return? (Does your hero prefer to stay?)
13. When the boon’s acquisition—or the return—comes against opposition, a chase or pursuit may ensue (The Magic Flight), if so, describe.
14. Does your hero need to be rescued by forces from the ordinary world, either because he/she is blocked or refused to return (Rescue from Without)?
15. Describe the Crossing of the Return Threshold. Is there an acceptance of reality?
16. (Master of Two Worlds) does the hero, instead, perceive both worlds?
17. Describe the bestowal of the boon (Freedom to Live).

It seems he culled the information from Chrisopher Vogler's The Writer's Journey, which itself borrowed from Campbell's The Power of Myth.