Some Writing Advice

I recieved this in an email:

As you know, my happiest writing is done at night when everyone (but you, me, and the other night owls)is asleep, especially husbands, children, and telemarketers. I think I need to renew my Do Not Call request. LOL. I don't do enough PR. It's the writing I really like.
My advice to novice writers is that you read a lot of what you want to write before you start, when you have something to sell attend conferences where you'll meet editors and agents to whom you can pitch your work; exploit connections you might have in the publishing world, never submit a book that hasn't been thoroughly proofed, start the next book as soon as the first one is in the mail, continue doing that until you get an acceptance, file the refusals and never think about them again, and don't quit your day job, divorce your husband, or in any way give up your means of support until you're making enough writing to eat and pay your bills. LOL.

Her website is HERE.

I have no clue who this Nancy Fairbanks is, but the advice is sound.

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