Last February Meeting

Two of us have been editing and brought nothing to read–naughty Monica and Me. But we've committed to three pages of new material a week, even during the editing of our manuscripts. Monica shared the story of her new novel, which sounds like literary fantasy (I think A Garden of Dreams would be a cool title). I'm going to bring in the opening of Road Trip of the Living Dead. Megan is plugging away at Chameleon Red (Yep, she settled on the title), and brought a sexy little piece from the middle of the book. Sherylle is untitled at the moment and focused on the Ann Rule thingy. Both Megan and Sherylle are committed to completion of their novels, prior to starting on other work.

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sherylle said...

Well, here we go again. I am excited about the upcoming literary contest finals. I want to shrug and say, well its not important, but by G.d it is!!