My copy of Loving the Undead showed up in the mail today! But, reading it brings up an interesting subject (and a little of my lunch): Should a writer read their material after it's published? I'm going to go with a big NO on that one. I found way too many things I'd change, if I were even to submit it again.

Don't get me wrong, I'm beaming. But from now on I'll love my babies from afar.

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sherylle said...

Mark, I never thought of that little tiny problem. But I am glad you are still beaming. I often wondered how writers view their work, I have read actors seldom see the movies they work on...so maybe its an artistic delema (like spelling). I hope you bring you copy to the Monday night therapy session. I tried to print off a copy of the announcement from the site announcing LOVING the UNDEAD, but no go.